Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol (Nissan Patrol)

For the first time, the Nissan Patrol was introduced to the market 50 5 years ago. It was one of the first wagon built for countries with difficult climates and road conditions. That’s how it has remained.

During the creation of the latest generation of Nissan Patrol, engineers of the Japanese company have tested 200 copies of the prototypes at first on three Nissan proving grounds in the Land of the Rising Sun, and later in the Middle East, in the desert conditions. Then reliability and durability tests were done.

The Nissan Patrol was designed by Taiji Toyota. He smoothed the angular shape of the jeep, making them more soft and rounded, but they still emphasize the brutality, power and masculinity of this jeep.

Engine and box Nissan Patrol.

Under the hood of the Nissan Patrol is a new gasoline V-shaped engine VK56VD with eight cylinders and a working volume of 5.6 liters (instead of the old 4.8-liter) with variable valve timing systems. It is able to produce four hundred hp.?. and develop a torque of 500 sixty Nm.

It is paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission. The Nissan Patrol has stretched ratios, which allow engine torque to be perfectly transmitted to the wheels.

The new generation Nissan Patrol can also boast of an improved all-wheel-drive chassis with a locking rear differential. It allows the driver to set the necessary mode of operation from 4 possible: “sand”, “off-road”, “snow” or “stones”.

The Nissan Patrol’s suspension is 100 percent independent, with increased wishbone travel and a hydraulic system to limit body lean in corners or when traveling over rough terrain.

In addition, the new Nissan Patrol is equipped with a system of pressure control in each of the tire, assistance when starting on an uphill and controlled descent, when the vehicle speed is automatically maintained at about seven km.

In two thousand and fourteen year the jeep has undergone minor restyling. Nissan Patrol received a new front bumper with fog bezel, a shiny grille with a modified mesh design, LED headlights with integrated daytime running lights, also rear lights with LEDs. There are new light-alloy wheels with a cross section of eighteen and twenty inches.

The list of equipment installed on the Nissan Patrol has been expanded by the third-generation radial vision systems, object detection and collision avoidance when reversing.

Nissan Patrol configurations.

Foreseen three options for the Nissan Patrol: Base, High and Top. The list of minor equipment includes a premium audio system with thirteen speakers and a music server, three-zone climate control, functional steering wheel, memory system for fixing the position of the driver’s seat, steering wheel, rearview mirrors and music system options. There are also rear-view and radial-view cameras, tire pressure control and dynamic stabilization.

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